Terminator II’s Payout Opportunities, Free Play, and Bonus Offers

Launched on June 6th, the Terminator II slot machine game has quickly become one of Crazy Vegas Casino’s most popular virtual slot machines. 5 days later, on June 11, a gambler won 40,000 Euros playing the Terminator-themed machine.

Terminator II is one of the newest online casino games from Microgaming. Microgaming is a gambling software firm that is headquartered on the Isle of Man. The company is famous for its dedication to intricate game design and reliable gameplay. The company’s most famous slot machine games include Playboy, Terminator, and Tomb Raider. Terminator II will likely become another staple in Microgaming’s catalog, especially if gamblers continue hitting the jackpot while playing the game.


Bonus Opportunities

Like all Microgaming virtual slot machine games, Terminator II is chock full of bonus offers and free money opportunities. Terminator II has built-in time travel symbols that represent important elements of the movie. When the gambler hits these orb scatter symbols, he or she is given several free spin opportunities.

Terminator II also comes equipped with both T800 and T1000 symbols. Players interested in winning bonus spins should concentrate on hitting either of the aforementioned reel numbers to win chances to play more games.

Free Play

In an effort to get gamblers interested in Terminator II, Crazy Vegas Casino decided to offer the virtual slot machine for free. That is, to play Terminator, you do not need to deposit money into your Crazy Vegas account. Crazy Vegas Casino is also running a promotion where the casino gives away £3000 worth of free-play casino credits to new members.

To join Crazy Vegas Casino’s free play program, simply visit the casino’s official website, register, and begin playing.


Terminator II’s guaranteed payout percentage makes it one of the highest paying games in Microgaming’s catalog. This certified payout also means that gamblers who are making wagers on a budget can play for longer.

In total, Terminator 2 has 1,024 winning combinations. Each time a gambler spins Terminator’s wheels, then, there are over 243 payout opportunities. Terminator 2 also allows gamblers to adjust the number of coins they play this. The more coins used, the better the chances of receiving a payout.

Terminator 2’s maximum jackpot is £88,000. However, gamblers who take advantage of the slot machine game’s free spins feature can win even more money.