Bingo Aus: Win Parlay Slots Event Entries at Clumsy Clowns Show

This August you can win big with Parlay Games. You can increase your chances of winning Bingo Australia’s Grand Prize Draw by becoming a part of the Parlay tournament. Bingo Australia is full of special shows with interesting twists and turns to regular play, which can be enjoyed all through the month.

Win with the clowns

slotsThe Clumsy Clown Show kicks off in the first week of August with a series of special events. Be entertained by a bunch of hilarious buffoons with quirky skills and love for jokes. Interactive sessions with the clumsy clowns will have you racing through the venue. You will not just get to have a rollicking time with the clowns, but also get the added benefit of winning easy entries to the Grand Prize Draw.

Parlay Slots Tournament

Ten lucky participants in the Parlay Slots Tournament will be randomly selected to win an assortment of prizes. The tournament will give away huge cash prizes, big bingo bucks, and several goodies to the winners. Sweep the competition by accumulating as many tournaments points as you can. Players with higher point rankings are more likely to be selected from the list of contestants. Parlay keeps you earning, either on the slots or with its special cash prize hand-outs.

Visit your dream show destination

Get a chance to take a trip with a friend to your dream destination. Choose your favourite show city from some of Australia’s finest places, apart from winning more than $2,000 in cash prizes every week. Players with a higher number of entries in the grand draw, automatically increase their chances of being randomly selected as winners.

Watch out for the ‘Show Ticket’

During the fun-packed first week of August, players at Bingo Australia need to keep their eyes open for a special ‘Show Ticket’ pattern game. Those lucky to catch it can hope to win 50 percent additional cash winnings, apart from the $75 jackpot at stake.


Online Gambling Predictions for 2013

For years, Australia’s gambling market has been limited to
land-based casinos and gaming clubs. In recent years, many countries around the world have liberated their online gambling markets, but Australia has yet to jump on the bandwagon. Politicians have resisted the idea of licensing international online casino operators – but a review of the country’s Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) could change everything.

The review process began in 2011, when the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy released a discussion paper. It listed the topics that would be considered by the review, including the development of new gaming technology, problem gambling, licensing and enforcement of the IGA. It has been over a year since the discussion paper was released, and gaming experts predict that there are significant changes on the horizon.

One recommendation that was made during the review procession was a potential trial of online poker regulation. Reports state that the trial would last for five years, giving Australian politicians time to determine the social and financial impact this type of regulation would have on the community.

Online poker is usually the first step for any country looking into online gambling regulation for the first time. This is because poker is regarded as a game of skill; its definition as such makes its regulation more palatable for responsible gambling advocates.

Australia is also likely to make more changes to its online betting market and soon allow www.cdncasino.ca and other casino sites to run in the country.  Previously, local operators were the only companies allowed to offer online betting to residents. For quite some time, only Sporting Bet and TABCORP were licensed to do so, but Australian politicians opened up the market last year by granting bet365 an online gambling license. The move resulted in a generous increase in gaming tax profits, so it is likely that more international operators will receive online sports betting licenses this year.

On the other side of the coin, the regulation of sports betting advertising is also likely to become much stricter. Over the course of the past year, responsible gambling advocates have voiced concerns about the number of commercials advertising online casinos and betting sites being aired during sports matches. They claim that these ads expose young viewers to gambling, which can lead to the development of unhealthy gambling habits later on in life. Several scholars have backed these claims, so it is likely that online betting operators like bet365 and TABCORP will have to pull some of their advertising, including live odds and even club sponsorship.