Las Vegas Casino Reaches Union Deals With Cooking and Bartending Staff

As summer rolls around, things have been heating up in Vegas. However, two casinos have been feeling the heat in more ways than just one. With the potential for a staff wide union strike of all their culinary and bar tending staff, the two casinos owned and operated by the Boyd Gaming Corporation have allegedly come to tentative deals with their staff.

Las Vegas casinoThe unionized workers – unionized by Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165 – have threatened to strike should their contracts not be renewed and renegotiated. While there has been some talk of negotiations, and there seems to be an agreement reached, the unions are still ready to jump into action should the ratification of the contracts fail to happen.

Members and supporters of the two unions have been seen holding informational picket line protests outside the Fermont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas over the past few months. The purpose of their protests and picketing was to raise public and tourist awareness of the fact that non-gaming staff had been working without contracts for nearly a year, since their expiration on June 1st. It would seem that their voices were heard, though, as the Boyd Gaming Corp has recently been making solid efforts to resolve the situation before tensions rise even higher.

The negotiations have reached a place of agreement for two of the Boyd owned and operated downtown casinos. The agreement reached by the Fremont Hotel & Casino and Main Street Station locations include five-year contracts that follow the Golden Nugget contract agreement which has been ratified by workers as of May 1st. The unionized workers at these two locations are still awaiting ratification of their finalized agreement with Boyd, but hopes are high that a fair resolution has been found.

There are still seven remaining casinos and locations that are undergoing negotiations. Workers at the remaining locations plan to walk off the job at 5:00 A.M. on Sunday if agreements are not reached with the company before then.