Estimates Costs of Cairns’ Latest Casino

Casino resort Aquis which is proposed for construction in Cairns is an ambitious project of Queensland government. It is keen on bringing in wealthy new gamblers into the area to help revive local economy. Though the project development costs are likely to be in the range of billions of dollars it is being set up to attract top international gamblers from HongKong and Macau who do not mind winning or losing millions within a few days. Touted to be “largest man made wonder on earth” this thought does not surprise local residents of Cairn as they have seen the progress which high dealers in gambling casinos have bought to coastal areas of Australia.

Cairns Casino

Why early Australian casinos were unsuccessful?

Though the developers are presenting this project as a means to attract both tourists and gamblers as an attractive destination to play casino games and also enjoy hospitality of the resort. But local authorities and general public are skeptical of this idea as in the past these ambitious ideas have not borne fruit. Australian casinos which were introduced in the past have lost popularity in the international circuit as they concentrated on pleasing locals.

Canberra Casino is the only one in Australia which has a casino history to speak of and has managed to stay profitable as it has banned all local pokers slot machine players. Even Australia’s famous casino Crown Casino has revealed that half of its earnings amounting to AUD 376 million came from slot machines while AUD 330 came from large players.

Why Aquis has a better chance at profitability?

The promoters of Aquis are confident that this venture will break previous opinions and myths to emerge as a welcoming gambling zone which will attract high rollers from Asia and other parts of the globe. The project document states that this resort will have several types of casino games comprising 1500 poker slot machines and 750 gaming tables for card games. Australian casino operators in Macau have noticed that Chinese gamblers have a noticeable lack of interest in slot machines and prefer card games with high stakes.

The only problem sociologists see from this project is that locals with gambling problems may be underwriting the casino with expenditure at poker slot machines to the tune of around $33.5 million every year.