Casinos and Notorious Celebrities

Celebrities and their antics are mostly harmless. However, at times these antics might not prove to be good for their reputation. There are countless tales of celebrities – mostly from the field of entertainment and sports – who have been kicked out of casinos due to their behaviour. Here are a few notable ones.

  • Ben Affleck

Ben AffleckBen’s name comes up on top when casino antics or gossip are mentioned. May be because the incidents with him happened in 2014 and are fresh in people’s mind. It is now well known that he loves the game of blackjack. He himself mentioned that he took his time to learn the strategies of the casino game. However, it ended up costing him dearly when a casino in Las Vegas banned him for life early this year. The reason given was his card counting during the plays.

However, it wasn’t the first and last time that he was shown the casino doors. Later in June, Affleck was asked to leave a casino in Ontario for the same card counting reasons. It’s bad for casinos to lose a celebrity client and also for the ace actor and director who is an expert in blackjack.

  • Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ WayneLil’ Wayne has the reputation of being a nice guy and is much-respected in the music industry. However, he got a bad reputation for his drinking problem, which got him into trouble on more than one occasion. It is said that it was his drinking that caused him to misbehave in a casino in Vegas from where he has been banned for life. He continues to play at casinos around the US as he loves craps and poker.Allen Iverson

  • Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a famous sports star who is loved for his talent on the basketball court. However, he has not been as courteous off court, especially at some casinos in Detroit from where he was asked to leave. The reason cited was his uncouth behaviour. It was said at the time that he was rude to his blackjack dealer, the servers and other players.