Avatar Slot Machines Incoming

rience worthy of the Avatar name, and IGT has gone all out to fulfill the vision, including touchscreens and 3D displays that don’t require you to wear special eyewear.

IGT Does It Again

International Gaming Technology, in partnership with 20th Century Fox, has announced a new slot machine based on Avatar, the wildly popular movie by James Cameron.

A New Kind of Slots Experience

International Gaming Technology (IGT) has earned a reputation as a slots manufacturer for pushing the envelope. It makes sense then that IGT would go after a property like Avatar, a film that left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Twentieth Century Fox had to ensure a gaming expe

When IGT launched The Dark Knight in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it was truly something to behold. It was a realization of the marriage between online and traditional slots play, and it transformed the slots scene in a way that hasn’t been duplicated since the influx of electronic games way back when. IGT has been on a roll lately, such as snsatching the Atari rights and delivering big hits with games like Centipede, and Avatar is just the next stage in the company’s evolution.

Avatar Slot Machines

Avatar Slot Machine

The core Avatar slot machine will seat five players at a time. Each player has his or her own video slots display and control panel, and all players share a central 103-inch display as well as two smaller portrait-style displays, one on either side. There will also be two smaller versions of the game available, one with a 70-inch display and another at 42 inches. The 42-inch machine will be a standing experience that supports only two players at a time.

Like many slot machines these days, Avatar will cater to gamblers who grew up playing video games and still do. Based on the all-new Center Stage engine, features will include achievements, incentives, levels, progress metrics and so forth. The game also includes a number of film assets and new 3D animations, and the players will work to unlock these items, making the game more lucrative in the process.

G2E 2013

The Avatar slot machine by IGT will premiere at the 2013 G2E, an annual event in Las Vegas that is analogous to E3 in California or Gamescom in Germany. In fact, as the gap between video games and slot machines continues to shrink, it won’t be unusual to see slot machines like Avatar be showcased at video game conferences in the years ahead.